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February 1, 2021:
Learn how to use a computer with the Digital Kids series.

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Welcome to!

This is a very simple standard web layout: a fixed-width 3-column page with a header and a footer. It is a great starting layout that you can customize in many ways. It is created to support the Digital Kids Computing-ICT series for schools. The layout is made using HTML and CSS only, and it has no tables. If you remove all CSS, the page still works great in plain text mode.

The layout features one big image (front.jpg). Try to find what it is... There are also CSS classes for aligning text paragraphs and images.

This layout also has a print stylesheet, that you can customize in any way you want to. Per default, navigation menus and images are removed, and only the main content text is printed. Print this page to see how it is styled.

The menubar

The main navigation menu on the left is an unsorted list, where each list item has been styled to be a button. There are lots of ways to style lists for navigation, but we have kept things simple here. Adding "that little extra" is up to you!

Good luck with your new website!